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Bar-to-Bar Test - DC Armatures
To perform this test, the armature to be tested is positioned between centers so that is could be rotated. A fixture with adjustable brushes is used to contact the armature at three positions. Two segments with an equal number of bars are then compared and if the two segments are balanced and contain no faults, a single pattern will appear on the Surge Tester' CRT screen. Faults are located by noting the change in the pattern as the armature is rotated bar-to-bar. The important advantage surge testing offers when applied to armature is the ability to locate high resistance carbon shorts. These can be major problem and cannot be detected by the low voltage tests normally done. Because the Surge tester utilizes much higher levels, these faults can be determined and located in most of the cases.

  • Model range upto 15KV
  • PC Compatible - store & print waveforms
  • 3½ Digits LED Display for bar-to-bar test
  • Hand held probe for bar-to-bar test
  • Foot switch for hands free operation

  • Suitable for testing of:
  • 1φ & 3φ windings
  • AC, DC motors
  • DC Armatures

  • Model Surge Test Voltage Bar-To-Bar Test Voltage Details Brochure
    7006KAT 0 - 6KV 0 - 1KV view download
    7010KAT 0 - 10KV 0 - 1KV view download
    7012KAT 0 - 12KV 0 - 1KV view download
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