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5KV Surge Tester
The 7005K Surge Comparison tester designed by Jabbals is the most comprehensive tester to check the quality of electrical windings. This equipment is highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective. It is extremely versatile and a valuable tool to easily test the motors in the motor shop or field. As with a new enhanced feature of PC interface it can easily store the test results that can be printed when required. This Surge tester has been widely appreciated by motor manufacturers worldwide and has immensely improved the quality of the LT motors in the industry.

  • User friendly front panel controls
  • Highly sensitive fault detection capability – It detects even a single turn short in the coil
  • Test leads insulated to 45KV rating
  • Leads energized warning indicator
  • Bright sharp CRT display to analyze the faults easily
  • 1phase/3phase Test Select Switch

  • 1φ & 3φ windings
  • LT coils
  • AC,DC motors
  • Stators
  • Transformer coils
  • Solenoids & Chokes

  • Open Input source Ground indicator
  • PC Interface via USB port to store, recall and print waveforms


    Model 7005K
    Max Surge Voltage 5000 Volts
    Max Pulse Current 330 Amps
    Max Pulse Energy 1.0 Joules
    Display CRT(100x80mm)
    CRT Vertical Sensitivity
  • 250V/DIV
  • 500V/DIV
  • 1000V/DIV
  • 2000V/DIV
  • Sweep variable
    Surge Frequency 50Hz ± 3%
    Operating Voltage 230V ± 10%
    Power Consumption 130 Watts
    Weight 18 kgs (40lbs)
    Physical Dimensions  
    Width 380mm
    Depth 490mm
    Height 210mm
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