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6KV Surge Comparison Tester with DC Hi-Pot Test
The 7006KHP Surge Comparison tester designed by Jabbals is the most comprehensive tester to check the quality of electrical windings. This equipment is highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective. It is extremely versatile and a valuable tool to easily test the motors in the motor shop or field. As with a new enhanced feature of PC interface it can easily store the test results that can be printed when required.

  • User friendly front panel controls
  • Highly sensitive fault detection capability – It detects even a single turn short in the coil
  • Test leads insulated to 45KV rating
  • Leads energized warning indicator
  • Bright sharp CRT display to analyze the faults easily
  • 1phase/3phase Test Select Switch
  • 3½ Digits LED Display for DC Hi-Pot test voltage and Leakage current
  • Leakage current trip indicator and buzzer

  • 1φ & 3φ windings
  • LT coils
  • AC, DC motors
  • Stators
  • Transformer coils
  • Solenoids & Chokes

  • Open Input source Ground indicator
  • PC Interface via USB port to store, recall and print waveforms


    Max Surge Voltage 6000 Volts
    Max Pulse Current 400 Amps
    Max Pulse Energy 1.8 Joules
    Display CRT(100x80mm)
    CRT Vertical Sensitivity
  • 250V/DIV
  • 500V/DIV
  • 1000V/DIV
  • 2000V/DIV
  • Sweep variable
    Surge Frequency 50Hz ± 3%
    Max Output Voltage 6000 Volts
    Max Leakage Current 2000 μAmps
    Max Trip Current 2000 μAmps
    Display 3½ Digits LED Display
    Operating Voltage 230V ± 10%
    Power Consumption 150 Watts
    Weight 23 kgs (50lbs)
    Physical Dimensions
    Width 380mm
    Depth 490mm
    Height 210mm
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