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10KV & 12KV Surge Comparison Tester with Bar-to-Bar Test
The latest Surge Comparison Tester with bar-to-bar test is a comprehensive tester to check the quality of armatures, field & pole coils.
It uses the bar-to-bar test method in order to eliminate the limitation of span test method to test the low impedance of the series wound armatures.
The peak voltage of the waveform is observed on the CRT as the test head is moved across the commutator of the armature. In case of shorted pair of bars the waveform will reduce in amplitude and distortion can also been seen.

  • User friendly front panel controls
  • Highly sensitive fault detection capability – It detects even a single turn short in the coil
  • Armature bar-to-bar test by hand operated probe
  • Higher current capabilities of bar-to-bar test allow the detection of a TIG weld short through & riser high resistance joints
  • 3½ Digits LED Display to display the applied bar-to-bar surge voltage and reference voltage across adjacent commutator bars
  • Test leads insulated to 45KV rating
  • Leads energized warning indicator
  • Bright sharp CRT display to analyze the faults easily
  • 1phase/3phase Test Select Switch
  • Footswitch for hands free operation
  • Zero lock start for operator safety

  • Open Input source Ground indicator
  • PC Interface via USB port to store, recall and print waveforms


    Model 7010KAT 7012KAT
    Max Surge Voltage 10000 Volts 12000 Volts
    Max Pulse Current 660 Amps 800 Amps
    Max Pulse Energy 5.0 Joules 5.88 Joules
    Display CRT(100x80mm) CRT(100x80mm)
    CRT Vertical Sensitivity
    • 500V/DIV
    • 1000V/DIV
    • 2000V/DIV
    • 4000V/DIV
    • 500V/DIV
    • 1000V/DIV
    • 2000V/DIV
    • 4000V/DIV
    Sweep variable variable
    Surge Frequency 50Hz ± 3% 50Hz ± 3%
    Max Output Voltage 1000 Volts 1000 Volts
    Max Output Current 1000 Amps 1000 Amps
    Max Pulse Energy 2.5 Joules 2.5 Joules

    CRT Vertical Sensitivity
    • 125V/DIV
    • 250V/DIV
    • 125V/DIV
    • 250V/DIV
    Digital Display 3½ Digits LED Display for Surge and Reference voltage 3½ Digits LED Display for Surge and Reference voltage
    Operating Voltage 230V ± 10% 230V ± 10%
    Power Consumption 330 Watts 400 Watts
    Weight 30 kgs (75lbs) 30 kgs (75lbs)
    Physical Dimensions (WXHXD) 475 X 320 X 550 (mm) 475 X 320 X 550 (mm)

    The Surge tester is ideally suited for manufacturers of traction motors as it can test the single phase, three phase windings and insulation of DC armatures.
    I) Surge Comparison Test (Dual Channel)

    • 1φ & 3φ windings
    • LT coils
    • AC,DC motors
    • Stators
    • Transformer coils
    • Solenoids & Chokes
    II) Bar-to-Bar Test for DC Armatures (Single Channel)
    To perform this test, the armature to be tested is positioned between centers so that is could be rotated. A fixture with adjustable brushes is used to contact the armature at three positions. Two segments with an equal number of bars are then compared and if the two segments are balanced and contain no faults, a single pattern will appear on the Surge Tester' CRT screen. Faults are located by noting the change in the pattern as the armature is rotated bar-to-bar. The important advantage surge testing offers when applied to armature is the ability to locate high resistance carbon shorts. These can be major problem and cannot be detected by the low voltage tests normally done. Because the Surge tester utilizes much higher levels, these faults can be determined and located in most of the cases.

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