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Jabbals is the leading manufacturer of Surge Comparison Tester in India for over 40 years.

The cost-effective Surge Comparison tester developed by Jabbals has become a benchmark for testing of motors in India. The Surge tester has immensely improved the quality of motors and has become an important part and parcel of production lines across the country.

All the equipments are designed and developed in-house and go through rigorous quality testing procedures. Over the years we have also developed new motor testing products in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Jabbals is now quickly finding acceptance in the International market such as USA, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, UK and many more countries. The feedback has been very positive and the appreciation from the current clients has resulted in many repeat orders.

Our testers are widely used in the following application area:

  • Electric Motors
  • Electric Generators and Hydro Generators
  • BLDC Motors
  • AC, DC Traction
  • Transformers and Chokes
  • Electrical Appliances such as Fans, Coolers, Washing machines, Fridges and Mixer motors.
  • Automative Starters, Ignitions coils and Alternators
  • Online Testing Equipment on conveyors for Real Time Data Analysis.
  • Die Cast Rotors
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