10KV, 12KV & 15KV Surge Tester

10KV, 12KV & 15KV Surge Tester – Hi Power

Model: D-10KH, D-12KH, D-15KH

The Special Hi Power Surge Tester is specifically developed by Jabbals to Test the coils and Stators of AC Motors where the cross sectional area of the Copper strips in the winding is greater than 8mm. The Tester has very High Pulse current and Pulse Energy so that an effective Potential Drop can be developed across the turns of the coils and windings that is not possible using the conventional Impulse Testers.

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  • Job work management area for motor data reference
  • Dual feature to either store and compare against master waveform or compare between two windings simultaneously
  • Colour coded waveforms for better analysis
  • Store, print and recall surge test waveforms & reports
  • Graphical and numerical representation of %error between the waveforms
  • Automatic report generation in MS word
  • Target voltage indication based on motor ratings


  • Adjustable Volts/div and Timebase
  • Colour coded waveform display
  • Surge test peak voltage indicator
  • Graphical and numerical %error display
  • Target voltage indicator based on motor rating
  • Test result lamp indicator
  • Save, recall and print waveforms & reports


Model D-10K D-12K D-15K
Test Voltage 0 – 10,000 Volts 0 – 12,000 Volts 0 – 15,000 Volts
Pulse Current 2000 Amps (Max) 2000 Amps (Max) 2000 Amps (Max)
Pulse Energy 25.0 J 36.0 J 56.25 J
Capacitance 0.25 μF/channel
Impulse Rise Time 0.1-0.2 μS (In accordance with IEEE 522 Standard)
Impulse Repetition Rate 1.0 Hz (1 Pulse per second)
Min. Test Object Inductance 1 μH
Display 8 inch Touch screen colour Display
Vertical Senstivity 500V, 1000V, 2000V, 5000V
Sweep/Time Base 4 μS — 10 mS
Operating Voltage & Frequency 230 V (50/60 Hz) or 110 V (60 Hz)
Power consumption 1200 Watts (Max)
Dimensions 435 (w) x 250 (H) x 540 (D) mm Approx
Gross Weight 110 kgs
Net Weight 80 kgs


  • Footswitch for hands free operation
  • Highly Sensitive fault detection capability
  • Test leads insulated to 45KV rating
  • 8 inch touch screen colour display
  • Leads energized warning indicator
  • 1φ & 3φ Test Select Switch
  • Printer can be connected to tester via USB for direct printouts


This tester is widely used for testing newly and rewound motors. It helps in finding and predicting the faults in motors before it actually happens. This tester is extremely portable that can be easily used in the motor shop and in field to test the following:

  • 1φ & 3φ windings
  • Coils & Stators
  • AC Traction Motors
  • Transformer & Chokes


  • 8 inch touch screen display.
  • Industrial grade CPU (Intel Dual Core)
  • 4GB RAM / 500GB hard disk
  • Windows 7 / MS Office / Anti Virus
  • Dust proof / Water resistant / 0-60O C
  • 2 USB ports
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse


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