Model GTS 1000

PC based Rotor Tester


The PC Based Rotor tester is the most reliable, fast and cost-effective way to detect faults in the Rotors in less than 10 seconds. This Rotor Tester can Test Large sized Rotors of any Size, Length & Weight that can be mounted on a Load balancing machine or a Lathe and rotated at a speed of 600 rpm.

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The Rotor tester uses the principle of electrical and magnetic effects caused by the circulation of induced currents into the bars of a rotor, which is made to turn at a constant speed, with in a magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet. The induced magnetic field produced by permanent magnet, acts on one slot at a time therefore the direction of magnetic field is such that the turns of a moving rotor cut the lines of force normally.The induced currents, which are proportional to the field intensity (distance of magnet from the rotor, on the speed of rotation constant) & on the rotor characteristics, produce magnetic fields, the symmetry of which enable a clear observation of the turns in the short-circuited condition. A fixed probe subjected to the magnetic fields produced by the rotor under test, provides the signals, which after being amplified, are applied to the Display. The synchronized sinusoidal wave pattern from the rotor bars is displayed on the screen. The waveform identifies typically occurring faults in the rotor bars & there is a distant correlation between the result of the inductive test of the rotor bars & the starting torque of a motor.

The Rotor Tester can easily detect the following faults in Rotor:

  • Broken or interrupted rotor bars
  • Poor or missing connections to the rotor end rings
  • High Bar resistance
  • Short circuit between Two or more Bars
  • Error in the relative position between commutator and slots
  • Non-uniformity between lamination of commutator
  • Deviation of the Skew angle

NOTE: The Rotor Tester can identify Faults in both Aluminium & Copper Die cast Rotors.


  • Infinite model storage capability
  • Job work management area for Rotor data reference
  • LABVIEW software-based Application to Test, Store and Print test reports.
  • Permission based Login system
  • Software defined limits for test parameters
  • Online line support and calibration using remote access software



GTS 1000


Laptop/Desktop with Windows OS

Operating Frequency

50/60 Hz

Operating Voltage


Power Consumption


Control Unit Dimensions



10 kgs


400 mm


300 mm


180 mm


GTS 1000 Rotor Tester is ideally suited to Test Large sized Rotors of any Size, Length & Weight that can be mounted on a Load balancing machine or a Lathe and rotated at a speed of 600 rpm.

  • Inner Diameter: > 30mm
  • Outer Diameter: > 100mm
  • Stack Length: > 180 mm
  • Max Weight: NO LIMIT

This Rotor Tester is widely used for the following:

  • Submersible Pump
  • Mono block Pump
  • AC Induction Motor

The GTS-1000 can test very large size rotors as shown below:

The GTS-1000 tests a large rotor mounted on a Load balancing machine as shown below:



  • Housed in dust free enclosure
  • Foot switch for hands free operation
  • Laptop loaded with Microsoft Windows OS.
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