PC Based Sequential Analyzer

PC Based Automatic Sequential Analyzer

Model: D-9003 AS, D-9005 ASR

The PC Based Automatic Sequential Analyzer is the most comprehensive tester designed to automatically check the quality of 1φ & 3φ wound stators in fast paced production motor shops.

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  •  Infinite model storage capability
  •  Job work management area for motor data reference
  •  17 inch DELL monitor display with ADVANTECH Industrial PC
  •  LABVIEW software based Application to Test, Store and Print test reports.
  •  Permission based Login system
  • Software defined limits for Resistance, IR and HV tests
  •  Masterless Surge Testing with EAR% algorithm
  •  Online line support and calibration using remote access software
  •  Bar code/QR code reading facility


  • Adjustable Volts/Div and TimeBase
  • Colour coded waveform display
  • Surge test peak voltage indicator
  • Graphical and numerical %error display
  • Target voltage indicator based on motor rating
  • Test result lamp indicator
  • Save, recall and print waveforms & reports


The Automatic Sequential Analyzer performs the tests in the following sequence & in case of a fault; it stops the sequence of tests & sets off a buzzer alarm to the user.

I) Resistance Test with Temperature Compensation

The Resistance test detects the variance of resistance values between the phases by applying a constant current to the winding and picking up the potential drop across it. The Resistance value is compensated to either 20 C or 25C ambient temperature as per the user requirements.

Four Resistance Range


Range 1

0.001 – 1.999 Ohms

Range 2

0.01 – 19.99 Ohms

Range 3

0.1 – 199.9 Ohms

Range 4

0 – 1999 Ohms


0-10 sec

II) Rotation Test

The Rotation detection test is useful in cases of stators. It uses die-cast rotors to check the direction of winding i.e. clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The Rotation detection test is useful in cases of stators. It uses die-cast rotors to check the direction of winding i.e. clockwise or counter-clockwise.

III) I.R (Megohm) Test

The I.R test checks the strength of the ground wall insulation that can be damaged due to dirt, carbon, moisture or weak wire insulation.

Test Voltage

500 Volts (DC)

Test Time

0-10 sec

I.R Limit

0-200 MΩ

IV) H.V Flash Test

The H.V Flash test once again checks the strength of the ground wall insulation but at a higher applied voltage than the I.R test. If there is sudden surge in the leakage current it indicates that the ground wall insulation is weak and the test has failed.

H.V Flash test = (2×E + 1000) where E is the operating voltage

Test Voltage

0-2.5KV AC (Adjustable)

Test Time

0-10 sec

Overtrip Leakage Current Limit

0.1-10 mAmps

V) Masterless Surge Test

The Automatic Surge test is performed on each phase of the stator to detect the turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase insulation and compared with the stored master waveform. If the %EAR variation is over the limit set by the user then the audio/visual alarm is set off to notify the operator about the failure and test sequence is stopped. It can also detect open circuits, grounds, phase reversals, misconnections and wrong turn counts.

Surge test = √2 × (2×E + 1000) where E is the operating voltage

Max Surge Voltage    

0 – 5000 Volts (Adjustable)

Max Pulse Current

330 Amps

Max Pulse Energy

1.0 J

Impulse Rise Time

0.1-0.2 μS (In accordance with IEEE 522 standard)

Impulse Repetition Rate

50 Hz (50 Pulses per second)

Vertical Sensitivity

250V/DIV 500V/DIV, 1000V/DIV

Sweep/Time base

10 uS – 10mS

Input Test Voltage Requirements


Operating Voltage

230V ± 10%

Power Consumption


Weight (full panel)

100kgs (approx)

Physical Dimensions (W X H X D)

550 X 1700 X 650 (mm)


  • Dual station bench to save loading and unloading time
  • Temperature compensated Resistance test
  • 17 inch colour coded Display screen
  • Audio, visual alarm for faulty stator
  • Printer can be connected to tester via USB for direct printouts
  • MS Excel Report generation (Pie and Bar charts)


This tester is widely used for testing newly and rewound motors. It helps in finding and predicting the faults in motors before it actually happens. This tester is used in the motor shop and in field to test the following:

  •  1φ & 3φ Stators
  •  Stators of Ceiling fan, Table & Exhaust fans
  •  Stators of BLDC motor
  •  Stators of Cooler and pumps
  •  Field coils of mixer motors
  •  Stators of AC and fridge
  •  Automotive starters & alternators


  •  17 inch DELL make monitor
  •  ADVANTECH make Industrial PC
  •  4GB RAM / 500GB HDD
  •  Windows 10 / MS Office 2015 / Anti Virus
  •  Dust proof / Water resistant / 0-60 C
  •  6 USB ports, VGA port, LAN port
  •  Wireless keyboard & mouse
  •  NATIONAL INSTRUMENT Temperature Sensor


  • Double station Test bench to save loading unloading time
  • Housed in dust free enclosure
  • Inhouse UPS for PC and monitor
  • Inhouse Constant Voltage & Frequency supply source


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