Dc Hi-Pot Tester

DC Hi-Pot Tester

3010HP, 3025HP & 3050HP

The DC Hi-Pot test is an important part and parcel of the electrical safety tests mandated by standards organization world-wide. More than 80 per cent of faults in electrical and electronic systems are due to weak insulation caused by environmental factors such as dirt, grease, temperature stress, humidity, etc that affect the dielectric strength of the insulation material.

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  • User friendly Front panel controls
  • High fault detection capability
  • Zero start lock for operator safety
  • Insulated Test Probe Applicator
  • Shielded output Test Leads
  • Test leads energized warning indicator
  • Auto/Manual Test Mode
  • Adjustable Test Time in the Auto Mode
  • Continuously adjustable output Test Voltage
  • Accurate 3½ Digits LED Display for DC Hi-Pot Test Voltage and Leakage current
  • Go/No-Go Leakage Current Trip Indicator and Buzzer alarm


The DC Hi-Pot Tester can be connected to computer [Windows OS (7/10)] with the help of USB port.
The following are the features of the Software:

  • Job work management area for Test Data reference
  • Applied DC Hi-Pot Voltage and Leakage Current Indication
  • Insulation Resistance calculated by the Software
  • Store, print and recall & Test reports

NOTE: This PC compatible Feature is an Additional Feature “NOT” available in the Standard Tester.


Model 3010HP 3025HP 3050HP
Max Output Voltage 0 – 10,000 Volts 0 – 25,000 Volts 0 – 50,000 Volts
Max Leakage Current 2000 μAmps
Max Trip Current 2000 μAmps
Max Test Time 600 secs
Display 3½ Digits LED display
Operating Voltage & Frequency 230 V (50/60 Hz) or 110 V (60 Hz)
Power Consumption 120 Watts 300 Watts 600 Watts
Weight 23kgs (50lbs) 30kgs (70lbs) 90kgs(80lbs)
Physical Dimensions (W X H X D) mm 380 X 210 X 485 435 X 250 X 540 570 X 1050 X 660


The DC Hi-Pot Tester provides a cost-effective solution to perform Hi-Pot testing of cables, generators, motors & other electrical products.

  • Transformers
  • Switchgear & Relays
  • Motors
  • Coils & Chokes
  • Generators
  • Capacitors
  • Wires & Cables
  • Other electrical apparatus



  • Foot Switch for hands free operation
  • Discharge Rod (optional)
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