PLC Based Safety Analyzer

PLC Based Safety Analyzer

Model: PL-9009 SF

The PLC Based Automatic Safety Analyzer is ideally suited for fast paced production lines delivering high volumes of finished household appliances. This Tester has been appreciated by many household appliance manufacturers in India such as Tecumseh, Havells, Hitachi, IFB, LG, Voltas, Videocon, Yash fans to name a few.

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  • Job work management area for motor data reference
  • 10 Inch Touch screen HMI
  • Data storage
  • User defined models
  • Software Defined Limits for Test Parameters
  • Programmable limits – user defined


The Automatic Safety Analyzer performs the tests in the following sequence & in case of a fault; it stops the sequence of tests & sets off a buzzer alarm to the user.

I) Ground Test

The Ground Efficiency test checks the connection of the cable or ground wire that comes from the plug to the rack of the appliance by applying a 10 volts (A.C) to the circuit terminal and picking up the potential drop across it.

Test Voltage 10 Volts
Test Current 25 Amps
Test Time 0-10 sec
Limit 0-10 Amps
Test Time 0-10 sec

II) I.R (Megohm) Test

The I.R test checks the strength of the ground wall insulation that can be damaged due to dirt, carbon, moisture or weak wire insulation.

Test Voltage 500 Volts (DC)
Test Time  0-10 sec
I.R Limit 0-200 MΩ

III) H.V Flash Test

The H.V Flash test once again checks the strength of the ground wall insulation but at a higher applied voltage than the I.R test. If there is sudden surge in the leakage current it indicates that the ground wall insulation is weak and the test has failed. H.V Flash test = (2×E + 1000) where E is the operating voltage

Test Voltage 0-2.5KV AC (Adjustable)
Test Time 0-10 sec
Overtrip Leakage Current Limit 0.1-10mA

IV) Full Voltage Run Test

The Full voltage Run test also checks the Input current drawn by the appliance at an input voltage specified by the user depending on the type of appliance. The user can also define the upper and lower limits of the input current and if the current is within the specified limits then test is successful else in case of a failure the test sequence is stopped and the audio/visual alarm is set off to notify the operator about the failure.

Test Voltage 0-270 Volts (Adjustable)
Wattage Limit 0-2000 Watts
Current Limit 0-8 Amps
Power Factor Limit 0.000-1.000
Test Time 0-30 sec

V) Leakage Current Test

The Leakage current test detects the current existing between the inside circuits with applied voltage and the external metallic parts of the appliance.

Test Voltage 0-255 Volts (AC)
Test Time 0-10 sec
Overtrip Leakage Current Limit 0.1-10 mAmps


  • 10 Inch Touch screen HMI
  • Audio, visual alarm for fault indication
  • Data storage



This tester is widely for testing of Safety standards of Electrical appliances:

  • AC, Coolers and Refrigerators
  • Washing machine and Geysers



  • Start/Stop Remote Switch
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